Mexico City: Tacos much better than Croissants

I finally arrived to Mexico City on Friday afternoon after some delays in Newark.

I am going to stay here for a couple of days with Montse (a colleague I worked with back in Spain) and her boyfriend. I am always happy to be in Mexico as Mexican and Spanish (from Spain) cultures are very similar. I think that in Mexico, both virtues and vices from the Spanish culture are maximized. It looks like they took the spanish culture and brought it to the next level:

(1) On the virtue side, you will find tons of the joy of living, openness and laid-back-ness that I love from Spain multiplied by 50. Love it!

(2) On the vice side, don’t look for american punctuality here. Here spaniards look like anal punctuality-obsessed freaks in comparison.  If you have a 9pm dinner, get there at 10:30pm and you will be the first person to arrive. And if a Mexican tells you “ahorita” (now), it means sometime in the next few hours:-)

Mexican food is amazing!!! In this trip, Montse and Edgar took me to an AWESOME tacos place for breakfast on Saturday. My new discoveries are:

(1) Sopes. They are kind of thicker tortillas than tacos’ topped with frijoles, sour cream and lettuce.  You can add also any type of meat. They have a subtle but wonderful taste and I see the business potential of bringing this concept to the US.

(2) Cecina. It is a bit different from Spain’s cecina. It is also thin-sliced beef but, instead of cured and served cold, it is grilled and served in tacos or quesadillas. My cecina quesadillas were just freaking sweet!!

In my eternal quest to find the best croissants on Earth, I couldn’t resist to try some Mexican croissants. I tried 2 different types of croissants:

(1) Cuerno. It looks like a real croissant but I discovered after trying it that it doesn’t bring much butter in it and it has a dissapointing bready taste and texture. I was hungry so it went well but definitely it won’t make history in the croissant Hall of Fame:-(

(2) Croissant. This was a more pleasant experience than the previous one. It looks and taste closer to the typical french beurre croissant. I definitely found a bit of the celestial buttery taste (although not enough). Its greatest flaw was the absolutely lack of flakiness. It was soft as white bread.

Overall, I am sad to confess that these Mexican croissants are far from being considered high-end croissants. However, I still think that they are better than the croissants I tasted last month in Miami’s most famous bakery (La Brioche Doree). They were voted best croissants in South Florida and, apart from their big size, they have nothing to be proud of (shame on you Brioche Doree!). They are really lucky that I tried them before I launched this blog cos, otherwise, I would have devoted a whole post to crash them (and you know that a bad review here means complete bankrupcy for the reviewee 😉



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