Pink Flamingos

At first, I thought they were just plastic statues in one of the gardens of the Hotel. They both had their heads wrapped around their bodies and didn’t move at all. However, I have been proved wrong today… they are for real! There are a couple of real pink flamingos living in a small pool in the Hotel!!!!


The impressive thing is that they are not caged or tied but they always stay in the same place. I imagined that they cut their feathers so they can’t fly but what prevent them from walking around the Hotel and mess with the peacock that lives like 100 meters away from them?

Bottomline, pink flamingos are lazy bastards of the worst kind (did you know that they even stand on only one foot to save energy the bastards?). As a result, I have named these two as Prock and Astinator🙂 Love them!!


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