Holy Icy Water!!!

I am very happy today because Thursday has been by far my best day here. I didn’t suffer as much during today’s two yoga classes (at 8:30am with Rajashree and at 5pm with Bikram). I am noticing how my body is reacting to the intense training and that makes me very happy.

In addition to my body getting stronger, something else is helping me in the classes… on Wednesday night, I went to the Walmart nearby and bought this amazing orange cooler that keeps my 2 liters of water icy during the whole class. You can’t imagine what a change when you are dying in the hot room and realize that you have nice icy water there to help you (in comparison with the pee-like water that I had to drink before from my bloody waterbottle).

I also bought in Walmart a brand new scale to track my weight during the next 9 weeks (also in the picture). I hadn’t seen an analogic scale for decades so this is a collectors’ piece 🙂 I will post my weight periodically in the blog so I can share with you my transformation from fucking fat cow to impressive slim bull.

This morning I weighted myself and I was 92.7 Kilos (206 pounds). To give you some context about my weight range:

(1) When I was born, I weighted 2.2 Kilos/4.9 pounds (I was born too early)

(2) In my first year of college in 1996 (really fit), I weighted 80 kilos/ 178 pounds

(3) When I finished college in 2002, I weighted around 83 Kilos/ 184 pounds

(4) When I started the MBA in 2004, I weighted around 88 Kilos/ 196 pounds

(5) When I ran the NYC marathon in 2005, I weighted 84 Kilos/ 187 pounds

(6) When I finished the MBA in 2006, I weighted 87 kilos/193 pounds

(7) In November 2007, a year after starting working back, I got my peak ever with 97 kilos/ 216 pounds

(8) When I started my leave of absence in March 2008, I weighted 94 kilos/ 209 pounds

My goal in these 9 weeks is to reverse this trend and go back to my weight in college (80-84 kilos). My goal after the 9 weeks is to maintain that weight.

I will surely eat as much as I need to (I have to post a video of the amazing buffet that we have here) but I hope that 3-5 hours of intense yoga per day will have some impact in my figure. If I was able to lose a kilo per week, I would be 84 kilos by the end of week 9. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Will keep you posted!

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