Work Out Hard, Eat Hard

As you know, we are doing here 4 hours of intense exercise per day. As a result, we need to replenish as much energy as possible by eating like freaking lyons. Bikram Yoga doesn’t have any food restriction attached to it so we can eat whatever we want (they only things that are not allowed are alcohol or any kind of drug).

In the hotel package, we have included a buffet at lunch that is just freaking sweet (both in quantity and quality). Here is the video of the one we had today (keep in mind that the silver closed containers also have food that you can’t see in the video):

As you may have noticed, it includes an made-to-order Omelette Station and a Taqueria.

As a sample, I ate today for lunch:

(1) A glass of green juice (I really don’t know what it is made of but it tastes great) and a glass of orange-carrot juice (both freshly squeezed)

(2) A toasted bagel with cream cheese, lox and capers (to keep in touch with my inner new yorker)

(3) A taco of chorizo and cheese and one of huitlacoche and cheese (huitlacoche is my main food discovery of the week – thanks John for the hint!- It is black, really tasty and when I asked what was it, they told me it was the mushroom of the corn:-)

(4) 3 sausages with papas

(5) A bowl of fresh cut pineapple

(6) A glass of milk and a small croissant

(7) I also smuggled out of the restaurant a couple of small cereal boxes (Frosties and Chococrispies that I plan to eat in the evening)

Finally, I want to announce that I haven’t drunk caffeine since Sunday and after a couple of sleepy days, I now feel great!

Bon appetit!

One Response to Work Out Hard, Eat Hard

  1. Juan Rosas says:

    Machote!! Que es eso de 97 kilos? Alguien se ha quitado peso… jajaja

    Veo que te estas poniendo como un toro, asi me gusta. Kasia y yo estamos empezando la operacion “Cuba”. No puede ser que tu seas el unico tio bueno en la playa.

    Cuidate mucho. Se te echa en falta por aqui.


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