Feeling in Acapulco like At Home

Today, I went to the Walmart near the Hotel to do the groceries for the week (my plan is to have enough food in my room so I can have all dinners there.

Little did I know that I was going to find so many food items that I had never seen before outside Spain. It was a very pleasant surprise and it definitely made my day. Now I feel closer to home as I was born and raised surrounded by these items (papa/mama os echo de menos!:-).

Here is what I bought: 


(1) Galletas “Marbu Dorada”: Simple butter cookies that were very often my breakfast when I was a kid. You don’t find simple, functional cookies like these ones in the US. Simplicity is the key

(2) Mejillones en Escabeche “Calvo”: Canned mussels in red sauce. Very typical in Spain as a tapa in the Aperitivo time (just before lunch). As a kid, I also used to eat sandwiches of these things

(3) “Flor de Esgueva” Cheese: It was so great to find this cheese!!! It is not a common cheese even in Spain but it is my dad’s favorite so we always have a piece of it at home (yummy!!). However, you have to pay a high price to get it in Mexico (it costs US$60 per kilo!)

(4) Navajas Al Natural “Cabo de Penas”: Navajas is a type of shellfish that I have only seen in Spain and in ChinaTown. It is look and slim and normally it is served grilled with some salt and garlic. It is probably one of my brother’s favorite meals. Here I found them canned

(5)  Aceitunas rellenas de pimiento “La Cibeles”: Stuffed olives are very typical in Spain. However, here I found more variety in the stuffing. In addition to the typical ones in Spain (anchovies, pepper), I have bought some stuffed with spicy chorizo, blue cheese and yellowfin tuna (crazy innit?). Last remark, the brand is “La Cibeles” that is also a greek goddess and the name of the Square in Madrid where Real Madrid’s titles and victories are celebrated (for those of you not very knowledgable about soccer, Real Madrid is the best team ever of the Universe and beyond and also the team of my heart)

Love you all!

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