Making New Amigos

In this first week of the training, I have met a gazillion of cool people. So far, I have met and interacted with people from US, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, France, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Norway, Switzerland, Tcheck Republic, Russia, Scotland, Ireland, England, Phillipines, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Thailand, Australia, Fiji Islands, India, China, South Africa, Austria and Texas. It is also confirmed that I am the only Spaniard in the class (lazy spaniards!)

There are 300+ yoga students in this retreat and my expectations are to get to know a high percentage of them (so I have free lodging when I visit them all over the world;-). In the meantime, there is a smaller group of people with whom I have started spending more time. Here is the family picture of a dinner we had on Friday at the Hotel:

 From top to bottom and left to right:

(1) Eliana (Cuba, 31). She has lived in Florida since she was 9. Believe it or not she is happily married an mother of 3.

(2) German (Mexico, 39).

(3) Vicky (Mexico, 32)

(4) Dylan (Australia, 33). He was the first person I met from the training. We flew together from Mexico City to Acapulco.

(5) Manon (Netherlands, 34). She lives in Australia and was the second person I met from the training (waiting for the bus at the Acapulco airport)

(6) Caroline alias “Ronaldinha” (Brazil, 27). She lives in San Francisco and, as it usually happens between portuguese and spanish speakers, she understands perfectly my spanish while I have no freaking idea of her portuguese.

(7) The last person in the picture is this amazingly atractive guy whose arms are the source of the steel used to make battle ships 😉

Ahh, and for those looking for gossip, bad news! all girls in the picture are happily married or boyfriended and all guys are single 😛

One Response to Making New Amigos

  1. Sonja says:

    I am amazed…you do look quite handsome in the picture…despite the 93 kilos…. 😉

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