Bikram’s Torture Chamber

Bikram Yoga is practiced in a hot room at 110-115 F (40-45 C). The heat not only helps to warm up the muscles/joints and reach greater depth in the postures, but also it helps the body eliminate toxines and build mental discipline.

Here in the training, we have a huge hot room in the hotel that we use twice a day for our session of torture and pain:-). It is an amazing room where 400+people could practice Bikram Yoga.

Welcome to Bikram’s Torture Chamber!!!!

6 Responses to Bikram’s Torture Chamber

  1. chaiyoga says:

    Gosh. What makes you want to practice torture?

  2. galbizuri says:

    Ein? Torture is a way of speaking. It means that, in order to feel better you have to move your ass and suffer in class. Bikram’s favorite phrase is: What do you prefer, 90 minutes of pain or 90 years?

  3. Yoga says:


    Bikram’s Torture Chamber «…

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  6. […] simulate a visit to the Dark Lord in His brightly-lit, spacious office. The minute you walk into a Bikram Torture Chamber (TM) you’ll lose a pint of fluid via every excretory process, because you’ve walked into a […]

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