In the middle of week 2

My arrival to Acapulco looks like yesterday but we are already in the middle of Week 2. All this goes really fast. Anyway, I wanted to post a brief update to confirm that I am still alive here.

Overall, this week looks busier and more exhausting than last week. lI don’t know if it’s me, the food or my deprivation of caffeine (no coffee since I arrived) but it is getting more and more difficult to get my ass out of bed in the mornings. I haven’t arrived late to the 8:30am class yet but the last couple of days it has been pretty damn close (arriving late here is punished with a make-up class on Sunday). And it works, I haven’t arrived late to any single class or lecture yet (and for those who know me, that’s pretty impressive!:-). No matter how sore, tired and sleepy I feel, I am still hyper excited, happy and enjoying every single moment of this.

News from this week:

(1) Anatomy classes have started: Dr. T, an old friend of Bikram, is teaching us, all we need to know about bones, muscles and all that crazy stuff. There is an exam on Monday and one the following Monday. We are using a book that looked pretty scary and thick at the beginning. After attending the first few classes and given my geekiness, I am not scared any more about this.

(2) Emy in da house: Emy, the most senior Bikram teacher, is with us this week. She is leading the morning yoga class and giving us some lectures on pain and anatomical dysfunctions in the afternoons. After all the things, I heard last week about her toughness, I was a bit scared of meeting her. But not at all, she is a great teacher, sweet person and I love her. You can’t imagine her clarity of mind and energy for a 82-year-old. She is leaving tomorrow.

(3) Night movies with Bikram. Bikram only sleeps 2-3 hours per day and he loves movies. As a result, he has set up a movie theater in the lecture room and plays Indian movies every night after the end of the lecture (at midnight). I stayed for the movie on Monday because I thought it would be cool to hang out with the big guy and I had never seen an Bollywood movie before. The 20 brave men and women who stayed with the master enjoyed a crazy movie called “Dhoom 2” for 3 freaking hours!!! (you should have seen me in the morning class the next day). I don’t know if it was representative of Bollywood movies but I must confess that it was one of the craziest movies I have ever seen. It is incredible how they mixed action, comedy, romance, drama and tragedy in a movie (with numerous musical moments where good and bad boys dance together). The fact that the subtitles didn’t work very well (nobody more careless than indian putting subtitles in English) was not helpful!

(4) They moved me of room, the motherfuckas!!. On Tuesday, in addition of being grumpier than usual due to Monday’s long movie night, I received a call at noon from the frontdesk telling me that I needed to move all my stuff to another bedroom (I will spare the reasons cos it is a long boring story). And this was the first time in my life  where I had unpacked everything from my baggage the first day and organized it in all the drawers and crap.  So because of that, it took me almost 2 hours and a lot of sweat to change of room. This extra effort confirms my intuition that chaos and mess are always better than structure and order. Anyway, I am not grumpy anymore cos they gave me a basket of fruit to compensate (I am an easy guy).

Anyway, I want to post some of my initial thoughts and reactions to all this training. However, it will need to be another day as it is now 1am and I need some sleep before tomorrow’s appointments in Bikram’s Torture Chamber.



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