My First EarthQuake FisherPrice

Today at 7:45am, I had the first earthquake experience in my life!!! Stay calm, it was nothing dramatic but as all first times, it will stay in my memory.

I was placidly waking up in my big bed (my alarm starts at 7:30am, so I am able to get up at around 8am;-) when I felt a slight shaking of everything. It lasted only a couple of seconds and, with my still sleepy mind, I thought that it was part of my dreams. It was the same sensation you have when you are dreaming that you are falling and then you wake up (have you ever had that dream?).

Anyway, they confirmed in class that it was a REAL earthquake, so for those who think that my trip to Acapulco is not that hard, I want to say that, in addition to tons of yoga and classes (and beach and 5 pools) I have to deal with earthquake and temblors (ok, they are earthquakes that are 0.1 in the Ritcher Scale but anyway;-). I am not earthquake-virgin anymore!!!

That’s the highlight of the day. Apart from that and the typical torture/yoga stuff, we had today Dr. Lilian Glass (the speech therapist that saved Bikram’s voice) who gave a very interesting lecture on (1) how to project our voice and (2) how to use body language and voice to show great confidence. She is a very energetic and engaging woman.

During her 4-hour lecture, she made a hundred of us go up to the stage and interact with her in front of everybody so she could give us personalized feedback on our speech. I went with the already infamous and copyrighted phrase: “Hellooo, my name is Guillermo!! How YOU doin’?” and it worked. She liked it and talked about how attractive the spanish accent is. I still need to find out why my accent works with 50 year old ladies but never with 25 year old hotties (that is my natural segment;-).

So overall, good day here. Having fun and suffering through the yoga classes.



2 Responses to My First EarthQuake FisherPrice

  1. Rogeman says:

    haha, earhquake exposure… check :p

  2. Megan says:

    YAYYY!!! The famous phrase makes a great impression once again! I will have to play the voice of my mini-Guillermo tomorrow at work since I was in New Jersey and Orlando last week and didn’t get to hear it.

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