The Day Of The Tiger

It was not enough to do yoga in a speedo outfit (although a bit longer:-). Sure it was not enough for a straight guy to practice a sport where 80% are women and a lot of the guys are gay. My metrosexuality needed to go a step beyond and expand the type of outfits we should be confortable in.

Bikram says that to be successful in life you have to combine the strength of the bengal tiger with the determination/persistence of the english bulldog. As a first step, we decided to celebrate today the day of the tiger and do our Saturday 8am class in the following outfit…

[to note the starting hints of my 6-pack behind the beer belly]

It goes without saying that this is a turning point in the History of Fashion and the tipping point for the “Tiger Speedo” as the ultimate outfit. I am sure that Tarzan is very proud of us. Anyway, more brave people joined us as you can see in the picture below.

We hope to make Saturday classes as the “Tiger Class” and manage to make all 300 of us wear the Tiger outfit at the end of the training.

As I know that you can’t have enough pictures of your beloved Tarzan, here is one after the class with even more “tigers”…

So guys, I am very happy. 2nd Week is over and I am going to enjoy the weekend as much as possible.

Have a great weekend!




One Response to The Day Of The Tiger

  1. Tomeka Arton says:

    Here’s my thing with yoga pants. If women choose to wear them, fine. Butplease, please, please don’t bitch and complain that others are‘objectifying’ you when you’re intentionally putting yourself on displaylike that.

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