The Clavadistas Of La Quebrada

Saturday’s is the only night that we have to go out (since Sunday is the only day we don’t have to wake up early). As a result, tonight we decided to go out of the Resort for the first time since we arrived (apart from our visits to Walmart) and visit Acapulco City.

We had dinner in a nice little seafood restaurant. I had besos de camaron (shrimp empanadas) and Chalupas de Cazon (Baby Shark toasts). Overall, it was good food and good price.

After dinner, German took us to La Quebrada to see the Clavadistas Show (in-divers show, I guess). Apparently, it is the most famous thing in Acapulco. It consist on young kids jumping into the sea from a really high rock just where the waves break.  It was AMAAAAZING!!!!

This is where the guys jump into the water (and remember that they jump head first- I am still impressed that there are no accidents or death). You can see a couple of clavadistas climbing the rock:

Fortunately, I was able to record some videos of their jumps. So lucky you, you are going to witness what real action is. I was going to do a couple of jumps myself from the top of the rock but, since I had just had dinner, I didn’t want to have problems with my digestion;-)

The key secret of these guys is that they have to jump into the water when a wave just arrived to the coast so there is enough water depth. If not, the water is too shallow and they would crash into the rocks.

 Ok, let’s see them in action. Here is the first video with the jump of one of the smallest kids (around 14-15 years old):

The second video show a couple of older kids jumping from a bit higher:

Finally, the last video shows a guy jumping from the very top of the rock (AWEEESOME!!):

I hope you like them!

5 Responses to The Clavadistas Of La Quebrada

  1. Megan says:

    I have seen these guys too in Acapulco it is very scary!

  2. Alvaro says:

    Esto no es na! En gijon con mis primos nos tirabamos de unas rocas mucho mas altas y peligrosas en la playa de estaño (o al menos eso me parecian a los 13 años). Suerte con el blog y con la experiencia del yoga!

  3. Puicky says:

    Really impressive videos! We do have a rock like this one in Hawaii, but i would never jumped, this definitely too high for me!

    If you have time, come to share your pix of in trivago, so that people can enjoy your trip 🙂

  4. Pilates says:


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