Preparing for Week 3…

The weekend is over and week 3 is about to start. From what I have heard it is going to be one of the most challenging weeks in the training:


(1) On the physical side, I think I am in good shape. My body is a bit sore from all the exercise but I am getting used to the two classes per day and I have found the balance in my nutrition to face the challenge successfully. I am drinking about 6-8 liters of water per day (1.5-2 gallons) that, in addition to my daily intake of Emergen-C (vitamin supplement) and a healthy and rich diet is keeping my body hydrated and full of energy.

(2) Tomorrow we have the first exam on Anatomy (muscular, skeletal and circulatory systems). I have been studying during the weekend and given my geeky nature, I think I am in good shape

(3) This week, we also start full-speed with the posture clinic (where we cover in groups all the poses of the class). We had a bit of posture clinic the first week (to cover half-moon pose) but in the next 4-5 weeks we will cover the other 25 poses (at 1 pose per day). That means that I will have to learn by heart the dialog of each one and perform it in front of the head instructors. A lot of material to learn by heart. Thanks to Otto (the owner of the Studio I practiced in New York), I prepare myself learning some poses in advance but I am sure this is going to be the main cause of my lack of sleep in the next few weeks. Will keep you posted.


As a final remark, I heard that Deepak Chopra may join us for a whole week in the training. For those who don’t know him (I didn’t know him either), he is a world-known authority on the connections between mind and body in the healing processes and the union of Western and Eastern wisdom in these matters. I am very excited since I am always open to meet and learn from world-known authorities 😉

One Response to Preparing for Week 3…

  1. belen says:

    Guille, verte con tu nuevo outfit para las clase ha sido demasiado, te has superado a ti mismo, ni las camisas hawainas, ni la corbata de osos polares me habían causado tanta impresión..
    Si de verdad quieres tener exito con las chicas de 25 quita esa foto de tu blog YA!!!

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