Elmo’s Fire Dance (Gloomy Sunday)

We have already started putting nicknames within the group of friends I am making in the training. I have helped creating some good ones like Ronaldinha, Spice Girl or TinkerBellI am not extremely excited about the originality of mine: Elmo, the popular puppet from Sesame Street (although he was not present in the Spanish Version).

They chose it for two reasons: (1) some of them have problems pronouncing my beautiful name (and this sounds similar) and (2) I love to eat chocolate cookies with milk (in Spain we don’t have Elmo so I can’t verify that).

Anyway, this Elmo thing reminded me a beautiful video a friend showed me long time ago. In Youtube, there is a video trend of making nasty things to Elmo puppets. This one is a bit different than the rest of videos. It has a weird but touching combination of sadness, beauty and craziness (please play it with the music on).

Given that today is gloomy Sunday, here is the video-present from me to you!


3 Responses to Elmo’s Fire Dance (Gloomy Sunday)

  1. Christine says:

    This and the previous entry have left me a combination of melancholy and disturbed. I had to verify, of course, the rib-cracking claims you’re making. Here’s the summary of the chat:
    me:you have to tell me the truth
    Robyn: it’s the truth
    me: omg

  2. shit that’s fucking freaky

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