La Vie En Rose

On Saturday, I used my free night to get to Acapulco downtown (it’s around 20 minutes away from the Hotel by car) and go out to the movies. I really needed to get out of the Hotel and see some non-yogi people.

There are 2 things I loved from the Movie Theaters here in Mexico:

(1) They don’t dub the movies to Spanish (only subtitles) you can always watch the version in the original language (in Spain, we dub even the McChicken- called McPollo:-)

(2) There are VIP theaters (I went to one of those), where the seats are amazing confortable leather sofas that can be turned horizontal and with waiters that serve drinks and sushi. They cost like double the normal price but they are definitely worth it.

I watched a french movie called “La Vie en Rose” (it had been in my list for a long time). It tells the life of Edith Piaf, the great french singer from the 30s, 40s and 50s. I loved it. The actress that plays Piaf is amaaazing. I didn’t know Piaf was such a character and had such a sad life (I guess you have to go through hell to reach heaven).

 Anyway, it was great to scape from the bootcamp for a couple of hours. Piaf’s music reminds me of Paris and my 2 years there so I got a bit melancholic (juerga friends, miss you all!!!). I have just downloaded 5 Piaf’s songs from i-tunes to continue on my parisian melancholy. In order of how much I like them (in case you want to try Piaf):

(1) La Foule

(2) Rien de Rien

(3) Non, je ne regrette rien

(4) La vie en rose

(5) Param, param


A toute a l’heure!!!

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