Best Baby Laughs in the World!

Tonight, I feel much better and I have no problems with Montezuma anymore. As a result, and to stop having a post about diarrhea in the blog’s homepage, here is a post about something random (but really great) to compensate the previous post’s too much information. Girls, read this post from start to bottom.

Sometimes, I don’t have any specific thing I want to write about from the training. In those situations, like today, I will just write about whatever random stuff crosses my mind.

Several weeks ago, I discovered a group of people in the Internet that were trying to discover the best baby laugh in the world. They have posted a lot of different videos but there was not clear winner according to them.

After looking at some of the videos, here are my top 3 baby laughs. Please enjoy them!

3rd placed video: ” Please don’t forget to breathe”

2nd placed video: ” Who needs toys when you have a piece of paper”

1st placed video: ” Stereo/dolby surround always sounded better than mono”

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