Death of Biswanath “Bisu” Ghosh

The 5th week of the training has started with some tragic news. Biswanath “Bisu” Ghosh, one of Bikram’s dearest friends, passed away during the weekend. Bisu was son of Bishnu Ghosh, Bikram’s beloved guru.

The bad news was communicated to us after the 8:30am class this morning and the rest of classes in Monday were cancelled as a sign of mourning. Bikram has also asked all the Bikram studios in the world to close today for the same reason.

I have spent the day sleeping (I feel lately tired and sleepy all the time), studying the dialog and reading. Bikram is already back from his trip so I hope to see him tomorrow. All classes are resumed tomorrow at 8:30am.

Bisu, Riquiescat in Pacem


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