Half Way Through!!!!

In the last few days, I have procastinated a bit regarding my posts in the blog. I don’t know how, but lately, I spend my days either in class, practicing the dialog or sleeping. I apologize to the committed readers and sponsors and I will do my best to beat my procastinating tendencies.

Anyway, we are already in our 5th week of the training and yesterday we crossed the halfway milestone (yupi!!!). This is going crazy fast… My heart is divided in two: on one hand, I am looking forward to the end of this daily double yoga classes and the posture clinic. On the other hand, I am sure I will definitely miss all this a lot when everything is over.

People say that, at some point during these 9 weeks, one experiences a kind of healing crisis, where you find yourself extremely vulnerable and weak (and after surviving, you kinda prove yourself that you are able to do anything). In my case, I think that this week is the one. The last couple of days, I have felt emotionally exhausted, kind of nostalgic and vulnerable as an alheli’s capullo. I think is the combination of physical fatigue, being away from friends and family, with full schedule and no “cave time” for myself. Some of my colleagues here experience this crisis as a need to cry like crazy or laugh like a baby. For me is neither. I just want to stay with my mouth close and my mind examining my past, present and future (all this sounds pretty bullshitted and all-over but that’s how I feel today).

Anyway, I think it is a wonderful experience. The complete isolation from the outter world is allowing me to focus on introsprection and it is helping me undestand myself much better. At the end, it might be true that all this could ultimately change one’s life.

Quote of the day: ” The bones are floating in a sea of fascia”  by Jon Burras in his lecture on Fascia and Emotional Anatomy

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