Mr. Pregnant is under 200 pounds (or 90 kilos)

I am proud to announce that yesterday morning I weigthed 199 pounds (or 89.5 kilos)!!!! This is 7 pounds less than 4 weeks ago. I think last time, I weighted less than 200 pounds that was last summer so good for me an my in-process six-pack.

If I continue with this weight-loss pace, I will be 85 kilos by the end of the training (or 190 pounds). Anything below 85 kilos implies a long line of girls outside my door willing to use my body as an object :-). Seriously, I was 84 kilos when I ran the NYC marathon so 85 kilos would be nice.

Unfortunately, my happiness about all this was crashed by Bikram in the morning yoga class when he called me 7-month pregnant guy because I was not sucking my stomach in. This was the first time I was the target of Bikram’s insults and shouts. I must confess that I found it funny and I will definitely remember to suck my stomach in going forward. Anyway, I am looking forward to impressing Bikram with my 6-pack at the end of the training.

Mr. Pregnant 😉


3 Responses to Mr. Pregnant is under 200 pounds (or 90 kilos)

  1. mp says:

    There are times when Bikram yoga seems to make sense and seems to make my world a better place. You know – those times when you leave class feeling stronger and better about yourself. And then I read on blogs about things that Bikram does and things that he actually says and I’m thinking, “Why do I associate myself with this man?”
    Oh and from the pictures I’ve seen on this blog, you’re definitely the sexiest pregnant man I’ve seen in a while. Unfortunately I’m not in NYC so I won’t be lining up outside your door. 🙂

  2. Perhaps you have implemented the pracgice of yoga into your life.
    They have been practiced for centuries by Yoga Practitioners in India, Martial Artists and African
    Wrestlers and as a routine to revitalize the body and soul are beyond compare.

    Buying a yoga DVD or attending a class is a step
    toward creating a better you.

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