The Start of A Legend: Day of the Tiger

I am honored to say that, after a few weeks of tigermania, we have been succesful in bringing our weekly “day of the tiger” class to the next level. Numerous new tigers and tigresses have joined the pride since the first Saturday we celebrated our feline instints. For those of you new to the blog, a group of colleagues started wearing our tiger outfits to the Saturday morning yoga class.

A picture is better than 1,000 words so please find below the evolution of the Pride picture during the first 3 weeks of tigermania.

Week 1: The seed of a legend

Week 2: The pride grows and flows

Week 3: The McTiger gets mainstream

Every week, there are more tigers in the room and we hope to conquer the world and establish a new order based on the tiger principles and ethics (eat cebras, sleep a lot and don’t bite your tigress). In the meantime, we are using flyers to promote every saturday tiger class… (I guess there my PPT experience is coming handy;-)

Long life to the tigers!!!!!

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