Mi first white hair (juventud divino tesoro!!!)

I am very happy on Saturdays after the morning class (no class or lecture until Monday morning). Today, I decided to celebrate this great moment of the week by having my hair cut.

I went to the hair stylists in the Hotel’s Spa. I have to admit that they are pretty good (head massage included;-) and not expensive at all ($20).

Here are pics I took just before and after the haircut. Can you notice the difference?

Anyway, little did I know what was going to happen after the haircut. Fernanda (a very sweet mexican girl from the travel agency that has organized the training) was the first person that saw my haircut. After complimenting it, she pointed out that I had white hair at the back of my head

CAN YOU FREAKING BELIEVE IT????? In 5 months, I will be 30 and I already have a freaking white hair… This was not in the script. For those of you who cannot believe (I totally understand your skepticism:-), here is a pic that I took from it.

After the initial shock, I can happily say that I have already gotten used to having silver hair. This is just a sign of the great wisdom I am acquiring here in the training. To celebrate my recently acquired wisdom, I am going tomorrow to do some Scuba Diving in La Roqueta (wait for the post and the pictures- I bought a case to do pictures underwater!!!!)

Have a wonderful weekend!

“Wise” GA 

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