Only Take Memories… Only Leave Bubbles

Last Sunday, I was finally able to get out of the resort and do some scuba diving (yuju!). Last month, I bought a waterproof case for my camera (it was even more expensive than the camera itself) and I was looking forward to using it. It is up to you to decide, after looking at the pictures, wether it was worth it or not. I went to the trip with John (from North Carolina and my fellow tiger), Bonnie (from Australia) and Deedee (from sunny Idaho).

We left the Hotel at 8:15am and went to the other side of Acapulco where a boat was waiting to take us to La Roqueta Island. We did 2 dives of 50 minutes each, have lunch in the boat and were back at the Hotel by 4pm.

Overall, the dives were pretty nice. Acapulco is on the Pacific side so the visibility and amount of marine life is not comparable to the Caribbean’s or the Red Sea’s. Said that, I was impressed by the high level of life and activity in the reef that we visited. I definitely place La Roqueta at the same level than Key Largo (Florida) in terms of diving quality.

We spotted a lot of great animals. Apart from the infinity of small tropical fishes, I saw a moray eel, a sea snake, dozens of stingrays, a sleeping octopus (octopuses go out hunting at night so it is then when it is fun to see them. During the day, they rest inside holes so you can only see their ass), an inflated puffer fish, a bank of crazy butterfly fish, a big torpedo ray and an eagle ray (one of my favorite animals under the sea. Unfortunately, I spotted it just after jumping into the water so I could only see it from far away).

You can see all the pictures in Flickr, but let me brag a little of underwater camera and paste some of my favorite pics…

Here is a PufferFish (Pez Globo) inflated like a balloon (apparently this one didn’t have stings):

The same PufferFish but not inflated:

Fish de Niro telling with its body language: “Are you fucking talking to me?”

Sponge in the color bushes should be:

Moray eel weirdly swimming during the day (they normally go out of their holes at night):

Fish that is definitely too cool for the school:-)

A lazy Torpedo Ray (I really don’t know the real name of this type of ray but I like the word Torpedo:-)

Me doing Full Locust Pose in the bottom of the sea (there’s a hole…):

And finally 2 videos underwater… (lucky you!;-):

(1) Amazing combat of a Sting Ray with… my fin


(2) Bank of butterfly fish following us and behaving like piranhas


Anyway, as you can see I had a blast with the underwater camera. This is an additional incentive to scuba dive frequently. I have started a database of pictures of creatures that I find in my dives and I expect to grow it a lot in my next dives. Next steps are, instead of making up names for most of the fish I see, I want to become an expert in identifying species in the reef. As a result, I am buying the following book from Amazon:

Reef Fish Identification

As a reward to you if you read until the end of the post, here is my picture of the eagle ray (the coolest ray ever):

It is very blurry because the eagle ray is fucking fast and furious. So please, check here in wikipedia for better pictures:-)

PS: The title is about the philosophy of good scuba diving, you should leave the sea as it was before you. Never take anything with you as a souvenir, never leave anything behind.

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