Sore Throat comes, Sore Throat goes

The good thing of writing in the blog with some days of delay is that I can tell complete stories, start to finish, since they are over before I have written about them:-)

On Sunday evening, after coming back from scuba diving, I got a very bad sore throat. Monday and Tuesday were really bad for me. If just doing the yoga class is hard enough, imagine how it is like when you have a red, infected throat and fever (for those of you who are thinking why I went to yoga being sick, things work here like a military bootcamp. Unless you are dying, you are asked to get in the hot room with the rest – even if the only thing you are able to do is lay down and think bad things about the staff members:-)

I wanted to sincerely thank to all the angels that have taken care of me during the last couple of days. Especially Allison, Jeff, Jeanne and Tanya. It is good to fall sick when there are people who worry about you and take care of you don’t you think?;-). On Tuesday, Allison (mother Allison from now on) made a natural medicine cure for me based on hot water, lime juice, ginger and salt. She also brought me enough limes and ginger for me to prepare it for the rest of the week. It really worked!!!. I won’t definitely ask for it in a night club (it doesn’t taste that great) but it cured me very fast. Today (Wednesday) I have been much better and I am almost recovered.

In comparison with Monday and Tuesday, now the classes look really easy and pleasant!!!;-)

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