Swimming with Dolphins

On Sunday, to celebrate our weekly day of vacation, we went to Acapulco’s water park to swim with dolphins. It is always said that dolphins are the smartest animals so I was really looking for an opportunity like this one to interact with them. The price per person for 1-hour swim with the dolphins was 1,300 pesos (US$130) so the expectations were high.

It looks like all men in the training are scared of dolphins because only women joined. I had the good luck to enjoy this activity with 5 really sweet girls from the training (as you know, I am always suffering and sacrificing myself;-). From left to right, they are Bonnie from Australia (remember her from my scuba diving last week), Colleen from Oregon, Jeanne from Phillipines, SuperGuille from Heaven, AnnaMaria from Hungary and Anastasia from Russia.

You can see all the pictures that I took of the event in my Flickr site (the link is on the right side of the blog). For this post, I want only to highlight my 4 main learnings of the day:

(1) Dolphins’ skin is softer than the ass of a baby

We swam with them a lot and touch them. I was surprised by how soft their skin is. Next time, I am going to ask them for their secret an create a skincare product for woman with that. They are so soft that you want to hug them. However, I hated the part when they tell you to kiss the dolphin in the mouth (can you believe it?). When my turn came, I looked at the dolphin at saw two problems with the mouth kiss: First, he was a male and second, he was a dolphin. So our love was doomed since the first moment so I decided to change at the last moment the mouth kiss by a cheek kiss as you can see in the picture.

(2) If you are swimming in a pool where dolphins live all the time, you will surely taste dolphin poo

They don’t have toilets so they crap on the water. I noticed that be the black small pieces that were floating on the surface of the pool. Then, at any time, the freaking dolphin splash water with his fin towards you and… voila!!!… you have eaten dolphin crap!!!! Congratulations!!! You have tried coprophagia without even wanting too. Definitely, the worst part of the trip!!!

(3) Dolphins need more than a small pool to be happy

I have a big discussion before this with my good friend Laura about this. She didn’t want to join us cos she was completely against having dolphins in captivity and she thought that this was humiliating for the dolphins. I thought that her point was pure dolphin crap and dolphins are taken well care of in the aquarium and the play a very important role in making people more knowledgeable about nature.

After doing it, I feel very fortunate to swim with this amazing animals and feel their incredible energy and intelligence (and tasty crap:-) but I must confess that I felt also their sadness and solitude. The pools are definitely not big enough for these powerful animals and I saw the injuries in their tip of the mouth (from hitting with the pool walls). So Laura, wherever you are and if you read this, you were right and I was wrong.

(4) Hard Rock Cafe burgers are kicking ass

After the swim, we went to the Hard Rock Cafe for a kick ass burger. For those who don’t know Acapulco, downtown looks like a small Las Vegas with all the american chains that you can imagine (hooters, hard rock cafe, planet hollywood, etc) so not a very authentic mexican experience 😉

Anyway, it was my first burger in ages and it tasted like glory (I promised to burn it down with a lot of yoga). Laura, I promise it was organic, homeschooled, tenderly massaged beef that was sacrified using feather pillows and strawberry lollypops.

In addition, one of the waiters in the cafe looked like a unknown mexican child of Bikram (a bit chubby but with the cap and the black clothes, I thought it was him:-)


3 Responses to Swimming with Dolphins

  1. Christine says:

    Um… I’m not sure how to respond since dolphins often represent latent same-sex desires in dreams. I’m glad that you liked swimming with them and wanted to kiss them on the mouth?

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