Last Yoga Class of the Training!!!

On Thursday evening, we had the last yoga class of the training.

It was the 94th time (+ one make-up class that I had to do last Sunday) that we spend 90+ minutes in the hot room doing our 26+2 postures (2 set each). I was planning to do it without water but, once I arrived to the torture chamber and noticed how freaking hot it was and how sore my body was, I decided to drink like crazy.

As usual, the second to last class is taught by Rajashree and the last one by Bikram. I didn’t feel very well but I had a very good class due to the high energy in the room. Half due to Bikram and his amazing commanding voice and half due to amount of energy brought by my classmates excited about finishing the yoga class.

Anyway, I wore my tiger shorts for the occasion!!! (what less!). Here is a picture to commemorate my last class. I am there with Dylan, indeed the first person that I met from the training (we flew together from Mexico City).

As you can see, my 6-pack is still in progress but you can see the improvement from the beginning of the training (I didn’t know getting a 6-pack took sooo long:-)

Anyway, I survived my last class and I also accomplished one of the goals I had for this training… getting a picture with Bikram (picture taken after class outside the hot room).


So bottomline, I am very proud of myself and the rest of my classmates, I would date myself if I were another person (girl or gay guy) and I am looking forward graduation tomorrow morning…

Viva yo!!!!


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