Leaving Las Acapulcas…

Sunday was the chosen day to leave the city /hotel /room that has been my home for the last 9 weeks.  I have met sooo many great people here that I had to spend a huge amount of time with farewell lunches, farewell dinners, farewell hugs and farewell beers. 

Those who know me well know that I really really hate farewells. I think it is the combination of the sadness of the moment and our (at least my) inability to express that sadness with accurate words (and the nervousness that it implies). With close friends, our words underrepresent our sadness. With acquiantances, they normally overrepresent it.

Anyway, so I spent the weekend half and half celebrating the end of the training (committing all the sins that we have avoided during the last 9 weeks) and saying bye to a lot of great people.

The operational part was less painful than expected: I was able to pack all my crap in only a couple of hours (although now I am coming back with two more bags than when I arrived), the trip to the airport was short, non-delayed and inexpensive. They cancelled my initial flight to Mexico City (on Sunday morning) but that was OK cos it gave me 4 additional hours to say bye to the hotel beach and pools.

On the personal side, I found it very hard to say bye to people I have been so close to for the last 2 months. I am going to miss some of them very very much. The good news is that now I have yoga friends all over the world so a yoga world tour sometime in the future could be a good idea:-)

In terms of facts and times, I left the hotel lobby at 3:17pm, I landed in Mexico city at 6:10pm and arrived to the hotel at 7:30pm. I plan to stay here for a week before my return to NYC next Monday.




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