(4) My goals

All the people I know that have gone to this training have told me that this experience completely changed their lifes. I am always ready to have my life changed (for the better) so as an overall realistic objective, I want to have my life completely changed, see the light at the end of the tunnel and be happy ever after:-)

At a less ambitious, micro-level, I would love to:

(1) Attend every single session of the training without dying

(2) Pass the final test and become a certified bikram yoga instructor

(3) End the training with a magnificent 6-pack that will be the envy of my male friends and the object of desire of my female friends

(4) Take a picture of myself with Bikram Choudhury

(5) Read the majority of the 10+ books that I am carrying with me (this is the problem of being a compulsive book buyer with a busy job)

(6) Scuba dive for the first time with a shark and take a picture of it underwater

(7) Learn to say “Oh my god! This is painful!” in 20 different languages

(8) Improve my mexican accent

(9) Learn to play golf in the golf course near the Resort

(10) Post all my experiences in this blog in a timely manner (procrastination stay away!)

(11) Have lots and lots and lots and lots of fun!


One Response to (4) My goals

  1. Jaime Rodriguez says:

    Guillermo you forgot about the most important
    (0) Make new female friends to bring forward the impact of your 6-pack

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