(5) The name

“My Life As A Poem”????? Are you serious? Is this a really sissy name or what?!?!?!? Guillermo, you could have spend a bit more time choosing the name, you lazy bastard!

I think I need to give some explanation regarding the name of this blog. I also think this can be the worst translation of something from Spanish to English ever.

In Spanish when we say “Algo” [Something] + “En Verso” [as a poem], it can have 2 different meanings:

(1) That it is very knowledgable and detailed about that something. E.g. If someone knows “la biblia en verso” [the bible as a poem] about something, it means that that person is an expert on the subject

(2) That it is very complicated and hard to understand. E.g. If something is “la polla en verso” [the dick as a poem], it means that something is really complicated and difficult to understand.

As a result, I think “Mi Vida En Verso” is the best title possible for this blog because:

(a) It is about my life

(b) Who is more knowledgable and detailed about my life than myself and this blog? (Ok, maybe US weekly in a couple of years)

(c) And for sure, it is complicated!

Anyway, I am open to recommendations about how to best translate this name into english. If you have any idea, please let me know.

Here ends my Spanish class. If you are interested in this wonderful language, I recommend you to visit the Rosetta Stone Website 😛


3 Responses to (5) The name

  1. Guillermo, I have been a student of Bikram now for seven years…your photos and diary of teacher training depicts the comraderie, discipline, and spiritual path Bikram teachers need to earn for the right to certification. Keep your updates coming I so enjoy them and all the pictures of you and the girls…can you stay focused around all those “hot” women? Regarding the question of your title…we should all live life as a beautifully written poem. How else will we reach Nirvana?

  2. Suraj says:

    Yo Guilermo. The team room misses your laughter! Have a couple of quick questions for you, send me a mail if you can and we can connect.

    BTW read your blogs. Awesome. Seems like another world altogether.

  3. Guillermo says:

    Hey Ramon,
    Thanks for your comment on the blog. I am happy to hear that you like my humble blog.

    Regarding your question, when I am doing double classes everyday with Bikram jumping on my back and a hot room that gets hotter and hotter, I am lucky if I can remember my own name. Leave alone noticing people around me. Anyway, outside class, It is wonderful to be surrounded by so many cute and nice girls (this compensates my times at engineering school 😉

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