(1) About me

Hellooo, my name is Guillermo! I was born and raised in Madrid, although my family is from the Basque Country (that explains my obsession about good food and my ability to only wear a T-shirt in a cold day – chicarron del norte!). After living for a couple of years in Paris, I moved to NYC 4 years ago. I work as a management consultant and my accent in english still proudly shows my native language:-P

Mi Vida En Verso

Using the alphabet, I am a:

(a) milk lover

(b) marathon crawler

(c) croissant obsessed

(d) cheese fanatic

(e) family guy enthusiast

(f) undercover geek

(g) worst improv actor of the world (although very motivated)

(h) cook of the best Spanish Omelet

(i) handicapped for manual and repetitive work

(j) English bulldog passionate

(k) musical royalty (the King, Prince, Queen) fan

(l) avid scuba diver

(ll) penguin hugger

(m) shark hater/lover

(n) book and DVD compulsive buyer

(o) bikram yoga aficionado

(p) Homer Simpson follower

(r) wannabe pirate

(s) hotdog connoisseur

(t) sushi predator

(u) Gary Larson supporter

(v) Rubgy devotee

(w) cute girls fierce defender

(x) evolution theory crusader

(y) order freaks worst nightmare

(z) and most importantly, a Montana accent proud carrier;-)

So overall, it is complicated!



4 Responses to (1) About me

  1. belen says:

    Ja,ja,ja… “cook of the best spanish omelet” no será la que haces con patatas lays verdad????

  2. Andra says:

    Hi Guillwrmo!

    Ihave read on your sit taht you were in Phillipnes and you have got a dolphin swimming. I will go in 2 weeks on Philippines and I also want to have a swimming. Please, can you tell me where exactly is Acapulco water park? What town or area? I will go mainly in Manila where is Ocean Park, but on their web sit tehre is nothing mentioned about dolphines. Only aquanaut voyage. Thank you very much, Andra

  3. Andra says:

    Sorry, I’ve spoilt your name. :O(

  4. sunny dowling says:

    Fun website!
    Interested in the results of the Bikram study…
    also, if interested, we’re publishing a Yoga Buddies newsletter…send your email & we’ll send you a copy.

    “What the world needs is more geniuses with humility~
    there are so few of us left.” Oscar Levant

    Sunny Dowling

    Really like your tiger shorts!!!

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