Mexico City: Tacos much better than Croissants

April 5, 2008

I finally arrived to Mexico City on Friday afternoon after some delays in Newark.

I am going to stay here for a couple of days with Montse (a colleague I worked with back in Spain) and her boyfriend. I am always happy to be in Mexico as Mexican and Spanish (from Spain) cultures are very similar. I think that in Mexico, both virtues and vices from the Spanish culture are maximized. It looks like they took the spanish culture and brought it to the next level:

(1) On the virtue side, you will find tons of the joy of living, openness and laid-back-ness that I love from Spain multiplied by 50. Love it!

(2) On the vice side, don’t look for american punctuality here. Here spaniards look like anal punctuality-obsessed freaks in comparison.  If you have a 9pm dinner, get there at 10:30pm and you will be the first person to arrive. And if a Mexican tells you “ahorita” (now), it means sometime in the next few hours:-)

Mexican food is amazing!!! In this trip, Montse and Edgar took me to an AWESOME tacos place for breakfast on Saturday. My new discoveries are:

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