My First Class as a Yoga Instructor!!!

June 9, 2008

Ulises, the owner of the Bikram Yoga Studio in Mexico City is letting some of us teaching our first yoga class in his studio. Teaching a class is the last step to close the circle that started 9 weeks ago. I got my schedule and I am teaching my first class this coming Wednesday at 8am (maybe not the best time for a night person like me:-).

If any of you are in Mexico City and available at that time, you are more than welcome to join us for this important event (check everything about the studio location and bikram yoga in Mexico in

I am really excited about this. Ulises wants me to teach the class in Spanish so I will have to translate real-time since I learned to teach in english. I am sure everything will be fine, but until Wednesday, let me have my balls in my neck.

I will also teach a second class on Friday at 6:15pm (that is one of the busiest classes in the studio). I will let you know how it goes. So far, I have decided that I am going to teach all my classes in my tiger shorts… and I am going to name myself as “El Tigre de Galicia” (The Tiger of Galicia).

I will let you know on Wednesday how it goes…


Posture Clinic is Over!!!!!

May 27, 2008

Hi all!!! Just a quick note that yesterday we finished Spine Twisting Pose and with it the posture clinic of the training. This has been long and painful but now I feel as relieved as after giving birth to a baby with a big head, sharp horns and that is coming perpendicular wise (and I am just a guy:-)

In the last 7 weeks, we have covered the 26 postures in the posture clinic and for 26 times, I had to tell the dialog of each of them in front of the teachers and the rest of the group. It has been an amazing practice for my public speaking skills, my english communication skills and my patience skills (in addition to teach each posture, I had to watch each posture taught 40 times).

Along the way, I received valuable feedback after each posture to improve my voice projection, connection with the students and presence and posture on stage. I have learned a lot but I couldn’t wait to see it over:-) Now that it is over, we are going to have more available time for Bikram’s lectures and also for visiting guests. In addition, I hope to have some mock class exercises to link several poses together and see how it feels to teach a real class.

Finally, I wanted to talk about my posture clinic group. This group of 15-20 people have always been with me in all posture clinic sessions. I have got to know and love each of them. It is a group of amazing people. So here it goes….

HAIL GROUP 1!!!!!!!!

Left to right and top to bottom, SuperG, Danielle, Simone, Laura, Edy, Manali, Melissa, Sean, Rea, Debbie, Nora, Alison, Oscar. Bottom, Danielle, Kylie and Allison.

Big ausence in the picture of great Henry Abuuuuuda!!!

Preparing for Week 3…

April 21, 2008

The weekend is over and week 3 is about to start. From what I have heard it is going to be one of the most challenging weeks in the training:


(1) On the physical side, I think I am in good shape. My body is a bit sore from all the exercise but I am getting used to the two classes per day and I have found the balance in my nutrition to face the challenge successfully. I am drinking about 6-8 liters of water per day (1.5-2 gallons) that, in addition to my daily intake of Emergen-C (vitamin supplement) and a healthy and rich diet is keeping my body hydrated and full of energy.

(2) Tomorrow we have the first exam on Anatomy (muscular, skeletal and circulatory systems). I have been studying during the weekend and given my geeky nature, I think I am in good shape

(3) This week, we also start full-speed with the posture clinic (where we cover in groups all the poses of the class). We had a bit of posture clinic the first week (to cover half-moon pose) but in the next 4-5 weeks we will cover the other 25 poses (at 1 pose per day). That means that I will have to learn by heart the dialog of each one and perform it in front of the head instructors. A lot of material to learn by heart. Thanks to Otto (the owner of the Studio I practiced in New York), I prepare myself learning some poses in advance but I am sure this is going to be the main cause of my lack of sleep in the next few weeks. Will keep you posted.


As a final remark, I heard that Deepak Chopra may join us for a whole week in the training. For those who don’t know him (I didn’t know him either), he is a world-known authority on the connections between mind and body in the healing processes and the union of Western and Eastern wisdom in these matters. I am very excited since I am always open to meet and learn from world-known authorities 😉

The Clavadistas Of La Quebrada

April 20, 2008

Saturday’s is the only night that we have to go out (since Sunday is the only day we don’t have to wake up early). As a result, tonight we decided to go out of the Resort for the first time since we arrived (apart from our visits to Walmart) and visit Acapulco City.

We had dinner in a nice little seafood restaurant. I had besos de camaron (shrimp empanadas) and Chalupas de Cazon (Baby Shark toasts). Overall, it was good food and good price.

After dinner, German took us to La Quebrada to see the Clavadistas Show (in-divers show, I guess). Apparently, it is the most famous thing in Acapulco. It consist on young kids jumping into the sea from a really high rock just where the waves break.  It was AMAAAAZING!!!!

This is where the guys jump into the water (and remember that they jump head first- I am still impressed that there are no accidents or death). You can see a couple of clavadistas climbing the rock:

Fortunately, I was able to record some videos of their jumps. So lucky you, you are going to witness what real action is. I was going to do a couple of jumps myself from the top of the rock but, since I had just had dinner, I didn’t want to have problems with my digestion;-)

The key secret of these guys is that they have to jump into the water when a wave just arrived to the coast so there is enough water depth. If not, the water is too shallow and they would crash into the rocks.

 Ok, let’s see them in action. Here is the first video with the jump of one of the smallest kids (around 14-15 years old):

The second video show a couple of older kids jumping from a bit higher: Read the rest of this entry »

The Day Of The Tiger

April 19, 2008

It was not enough to do yoga in a speedo outfit (although a bit longer:-). Sure it was not enough for a straight guy to practice a sport where 80% are women and a lot of the guys are gay. My metrosexuality needed to go a step beyond and expand the type of outfits we should be confortable in.

Bikram says that to be successful in life you have to combine the strength of the bengal tiger with the determination/persistence of the english bulldog. As a first step, we decided to celebrate today the day of the tiger and do our Saturday 8am class in the following outfit…

[to note the starting hints of my 6-pack behind the beer belly]

It goes without saying that this is a turning point in the History of Fashion and the tipping point for the “Tiger Speedo” as the ultimate outfit. I am sure that Tarzan is very proud of us. Anyway, more brave people joined us as you can see in the picture below. Read the rest of this entry »

My First EarthQuake FisherPrice

April 18, 2008

Today at 7:45am, I had the first earthquake experience in my life!!! Stay calm, it was nothing dramatic but as all first times, it will stay in my memory.

I was placidly waking up in my big bed (my alarm starts at 7:30am, so I am able to get up at around 8am;-) when I felt a slight shaking of everything. It lasted only a couple of seconds and, with my still sleepy mind, I thought that it was part of my dreams. It was the same sensation you have when you are dreaming that you are falling and then you wake up (have you ever had that dream?).

Anyway, they confirmed in class that it was a REAL earthquake, so for those who think that my trip to Acapulco is not that hard, I want to say that, in addition to tons of yoga and classes (and beach and 5 pools) I have to deal with earthquake and temblors (ok, they are earthquakes that are 0.1 in the Ritcher Scale but anyway;-). I am not earthquake-virgin anymore!!!

That’s the highlight of the day. Apart from that and the typical torture/yoga stuff, we had today Dr. Lilian Glass (the speech therapist that saved Bikram’s voice) who gave a very interesting lecture on (1) how to project our voice and (2) how to use body language and voice to show great confidence. She is a very energetic and engaging woman.

During her 4-hour lecture, she made a hundred of us go up to the stage and interact with her in front of everybody so she could give us personalized feedback on our speech. I went with the already infamous and copyrighted phrase: “Hellooo, my name is Guillermo!! How YOU doin’?” and it worked. She liked it and talked about how attractive the spanish accent is. I still need to find out why my accent works with 50 year old ladies but never with 25 year old hotties (that is my natural segment;-).

So overall, good day here. Having fun and suffering through the yoga classes.



First Week is Over!!!

April 13, 2008

We ended the first week on Saturday with a yoga class from 8-10am (good for us!!)

It is amazing how fast this goes and how many things have happened in just a week. Overall the balance is very very positive:

(1) I took 10 yoga classes this week (5 with Bikram, 4 with Rajashree and 1 with Craig) and survived them. (a) I was able to stay always in the room (lots of people had to get out) and (b) I didn’t vomit during class (on average 10 people in each class puked)

(2) I met Bikram and Rajashree (who by the way was Miss India in the 80s) and absolutely loved them. Rajashree is the sweetest person you could ever meet. Bikram has a very special character ( he is too blunt for some people and has a very big ego) but I think he is a genius and I enjoyed and learned a lot from his lectures and classes. 

(3) I attended 6 hours per day of posture clinic and succesfully performed the dialogue of Half-moon pose in front of 300 people.

(4) I didn’t get stomach sick, constipated or diarrhea. Apparently, these three things were very common among my classmates this week (as part of their adaptation to the training).

(5) I met a looot of people from the class. I don’t know if it’s the yoga, the food or just being surrounded by so many women, but I think I am behaving a bit more extroverted than usual. As a result, I got to know and got known by an incredible number of people.

Overall, a very busy week (we had full days from 8:30am to 11:30pm) but very pleasant.

Next week is going to be very hard:

(1) Emy is replacing Rajashree in the morning class. Emy is the most senior teacher in Bikram Yoga. She is 82 years old and, apparently, she is also one of the toughest teachers. If now, I am sore, I think next week I will be unable to move:-)

(2) Other things outside yoga classes get more time-consuming. We start Anatomy classes (a world-known doctor is coming to teach) and the posture clinic is going to accelerate (we are going to be divided in 16 groups instead of having plenary sessions)

(3) Bikram said that, in past trainings, at the end of week 2, half of the people would love to quit the training. No need to know that at the end of the training, everybody is very happy but I would prefer not to be in the half with an existencial crisis next week.

Anyway, I continuously feel great and I am optimistic I won’t break down next week (maybe in the 3rd one:-).