Ode to the Diet Coke

June 7, 2008

I know that soda is not good for my body. I know that the CO2 in the soda is bad for my bones, stomach, etc, etc. And I know that I should be drinking something else more healthy in line with my new health lifestyle and diet.

I know all that. However, there is no bigger pleasure in life for me than drinking a icy diet coke after each of the yoga classes!!!!. I don’t know if it is the bubbles, or the secret formula, or my own brain, but I loooooove it.

As a result, I needed to write a post praising this amazing product (diet coke) as it is much better than diet pepsi, coke zero or sex on the beach. I dixit… Diet Coke rules!!!!


Best Baby Laughs in the World!

April 30, 2008

Tonight, I feel much better and I have no problems with Montezuma anymore. As a result, and to stop having a post about diarrhea in the blog’s homepage, here is a post about something random (but really great) to compensate the previous post’s too much information. Girls, read this post from start to bottom.

Sometimes, I don’t have any specific thing I want to write about from the training. In those situations, like today, I will just write about whatever random stuff crosses my mind.

Several weeks ago, I discovered a group of people in the Internet that were trying to discover the best baby laugh in the world. They have posted a lot of different videos but there was not clear winner according to them.

After looking at some of the videos, here are my top 3 baby laughs. Please enjoy them!

3rd placed video: ” Please don’t forget to breathe”

2nd placed video: ” Who needs toys when you have a piece of paper”

1st placed video: ” Stereo/dolby surround always sounded better than mono”

Montezuma’s revenge

April 29, 2008

I knew that sooner or later, I was going to face digestive challenges in Mexico like most of the people in the training. After over 3 weeks of resisting fiercely, my stomach has finally chosen today to complain and wake me up with an unconfortable diarrhea 😦

The legend says that any diarrhea problem caused to a Spaniard in Mexico is due to Montezuma’s spirit who is taking his revenge from the aztec defeat in the Spanish conquest of Mexico.

Anyway, I will spare nasty details. Just to be said, that I was lucky that Alison and others took care of me. Thanks to her, I am know taking (1) anti-diarrhea tablets to calm the stomach, (2) calcium tablets to prevent muscle cramp and (3) tons more of gatorade and electrolytes. Today, the yoga classes were a bit harder than normally to me (especially the ones that include some kind of compression to my stomach). As a funny note, I am now always trying to get my mat close to the door (in case a toilet emergency emerges during my practice of yoga):-)

Shoot!, I really can’t believe I just wrote a post about my diarrhea… this is sooo sad!!!!! Cute girls, don’t read this post please:-)

Anyway, I now feel much better. Let’s see how I wake up tomorrow. 

CPR Certified!!!

April 27, 2008

Today I attended a Basic CPR Training. CPR (CardioPulmonary Resucitation) is an emergency medical procedure for a victim of cardiac arrest. If you watch ER, House MD or similar, you know what I am talking about… compressing the chest like crazy to pump blood to the body even if the heart is not working.

The training took a bit more than 3 hours and they showed us different techniques to use in case of chocking, unconcious choking and cardiopulmonar arrest. They also told us what to do in a number of emergencies (seizures, strokes, etc). I surely don’t remember all of them… but I have a nice book.

The thing that shocked me the most is the fact that a CPR procedure breaks all the ribs of the victim (in order to pump the heart effectively). Even more, if the chest compression don’t break the ribs, you are doing something wrong (creepy details, they said that in the first couple of compression you can hear the ribs cracking, then everything goes smoothly:-)

Anyway, I AM CPR CERTIFIED so next time your heart stops, I will be there to break your freaking ribs!!!

The Clavadistas Of La Quebrada

April 20, 2008

Saturday’s is the only night that we have to go out (since Sunday is the only day we don’t have to wake up early). As a result, tonight we decided to go out of the Resort for the first time since we arrived (apart from our visits to Walmart) and visit Acapulco City.

We had dinner in a nice little seafood restaurant. I had besos de camaron (shrimp empanadas) and Chalupas de Cazon (Baby Shark toasts). Overall, it was good food and good price.

After dinner, German took us to La Quebrada to see the Clavadistas Show (in-divers show, I guess). Apparently, it is the most famous thing in Acapulco. It consist on young kids jumping into the sea from a really high rock just where the waves break.  It was AMAAAAZING!!!!

This is where the guys jump into the water (and remember that they jump head first- I am still impressed that there are no accidents or death). You can see a couple of clavadistas climbing the rock:

Fortunately, I was able to record some videos of their jumps. So lucky you, you are going to witness what real action is. I was going to do a couple of jumps myself from the top of the rock but, since I had just had dinner, I didn’t want to have problems with my digestion;-)

The key secret of these guys is that they have to jump into the water when a wave just arrived to the coast so there is enough water depth. If not, the water is too shallow and they would crash into the rocks.

 Ok, let’s see them in action. Here is the first video with the jump of one of the smallest kids (around 14-15 years old):

The second video show a couple of older kids jumping from a bit higher: Read the rest of this entry »

Massage on the Beach

April 14, 2008

With all the physical exercise that we are doing here, my body is sore all the time. All the people I know that did this training in the past, told me that it is really important to take frequent massages to reduce the soreness of the muscles.

Since I am a very sacrified person and I am always willing to take one for the team, I decided yesterday to go and have a nice massage. I went with Vicky to a small “massagerie” they have on the beach. For 60 minutes the nice lady struck all my muscles and turned me into a deep state of relaxation.

If heaven exists, it definitely has a lot of massages. And in Acapulco, it only costs $25 per hour!

I will definitely repeat this in the near future.

“Relaxed” GA