Leaving Las Acapulcas…

June 9, 2008

Sunday was the chosen day to leave the city /hotel /room that has been my home for the last 9 weeks.  I have met sooo many great people here that I had to spend a huge amount of time with farewell lunches, farewell dinners, farewell hugs and farewell beers. 

Those who know me well know that I really really hate farewells. I think it is the combination of the sadness of the moment and our (at least my) inability to express that sadness with accurate words (and the nervousness that it implies). With close friends, our words underrepresent our sadness. With acquiantances, they normally overrepresent it.

Anyway, so I spent the weekend half and half celebrating the end of the training (committing all the sins that we have avoided during the last 9 weeks) and saying bye to a lot of great people.

The operational part was less painful than expected: I was able to pack all my crap in only a couple of hours (although now I am coming back with two more bags than when I arrived), the trip to the airport was short, non-delayed and inexpensive. They cancelled my initial flight to Mexico City (on Sunday morning) but that was OK cos it gave me 4 additional hours to say bye to the hotel beach and pools.

On the personal side, I found it very hard to say bye to people I have been so close to for the last 2 months. I am going to miss some of them very very much. The good news is that now I have yoga friends all over the world so a yoga world tour sometime in the future could be a good idea:-)

In terms of facts and times, I left the hotel lobby at 3:17pm, I landed in Mexico city at 6:10pm and arrived to the hotel at 7:30pm. I plan to stay here for a week before my return to NYC next Monday.




The Clavadistas Of La Quebrada

April 20, 2008

Saturday’s is the only night that we have to go out (since Sunday is the only day we don’t have to wake up early). As a result, tonight we decided to go out of the Resort for the first time since we arrived (apart from our visits to Walmart) and visit Acapulco City.

We had dinner in a nice little seafood restaurant. I had besos de camaron (shrimp empanadas) and Chalupas de Cazon (Baby Shark toasts). Overall, it was good food and good price.

After dinner, German took us to La Quebrada to see the Clavadistas Show (in-divers show, I guess). Apparently, it is the most famous thing in Acapulco. It consist on young kids jumping into the sea from a really high rock just where the waves break.  It was AMAAAAZING!!!!

This is where the guys jump into the water (and remember that they jump head first- I am still impressed that there are no accidents or death). You can see a couple of clavadistas climbing the rock:

Fortunately, I was able to record some videos of their jumps. So lucky you, you are going to witness what real action is. I was going to do a couple of jumps myself from the top of the rock but, since I had just had dinner, I didn’t want to have problems with my digestion;-)

The key secret of these guys is that they have to jump into the water when a wave just arrived to the coast so there is enough water depth. If not, the water is too shallow and they would crash into the rocks.

 Ok, let’s see them in action. Here is the first video with the jump of one of the smallest kids (around 14-15 years old):

The second video show a couple of older kids jumping from a bit higher: Read the rest of this entry »

Feeling in Acapulco like At Home

April 12, 2008

Today, I went to the Walmart near the Hotel to do the groceries for the week (my plan is to have enough food in my room so I can have all dinners there.

Little did I know that I was going to find so many food items that I had never seen before outside Spain. It was a very pleasant surprise and it definitely made my day. Now I feel closer to home as I was born and raised surrounded by these items (papa/mama os echo de menos!:-).

Here is what I bought: 


(1) Galletas “Marbu Dorada”: Simple butter cookies that were very often my breakfast when I was a kid. You don’t find simple, functional cookies like these ones in the US. Simplicity is the key

(2) Mejillones en Escabeche “Calvo”: Canned mussels in red sauce. Very typical in Spain as a tapa in the Aperitivo time (just before lunch). As a kid, I also used to eat sandwiches of these things

(3) “Flor de Esgueva” Cheese: It was so great to find this cheese!!! It is not a common cheese even in Spain but it is my dad’s favorite so we always have a piece of it at home (yummy!!). However, you have to pay a high price to get it in Mexico (it costs US$60 per kilo!)

(4) Navajas Al Natural “Cabo de Penas”: Navajas is a type of shellfish that I have only seen in Spain and in ChinaTown. It is look and slim and normally it is served grilled with some salt and garlic. It is probably one of my brother’s favorite meals. Here I found them canned

(5)  Aceitunas rellenas de pimiento “La Cibeles”: Stuffed olives are very typical in Spain. However, here I found more variety in the stuffing. In addition to the typical ones in Spain (anchovies, pepper), I have bought some stuffed with spicy chorizo, blue cheese and yellowfin tuna (crazy innit?). Last remark, the brand is “La Cibeles” that is also a greek goddess and the name of the Square in Madrid where Real Madrid’s titles and victories are celebrated (for those of you not very knowledgable about soccer, Real Madrid is the best team ever of the Universe and beyond and also the team of my heart)

Love you all!

Pink Flamingos

April 9, 2008

At first, I thought they were just plastic statues in one of the gardens of the Hotel. They both had their heads wrapped around their bodies and didn’t move at all. However, I have been proved wrong today… they are for real! There are a couple of real pink flamingos living in a small pool in the Hotel!!!!


The impressive thing is that they are not caged or tied but they always stay in the same place. I imagined that they cut their feathers so they can’t fly but what prevent them from walking around the Hotel and mess with the peacock that lives like 100 meters away from them?

Bottomline, pink flamingos are lazy bastards of the worst kind (did you know that they even stand on only one foot to save energy the bastards?). As a result, I have named these two as Prock and Astinator🙂 Love them!!


First Double-Class and First Swim in the Sea

April 8, 2008

I really don’t know what I am going to do when I complete doing for the first time everything that is available here. This trying new things really helps me find topics to write about much easier. I am really not sure if you will be as interested if I start writing about “the third time I eat tacos” or “the seventh shower in the room- that great experience!”.

Anyway, let’s worry about that when it comes. By now, there are still plenty of things I have to try. Today, I have 2 new topics: my first day having to go twice to Bikram’s chamber of torture (8:30am and 5pm with a combine 4-hour time of yoga) and my first swim in the sea near the hotel. The rest of the day has been filled with 5 hours of Posture Clinic (not that interesting).

(1) First double-class. I am feeling much better (or less badly) in the yoga classes as time goes by. Yesterday, I really thought I was going to die. This morning, I just wanted to kill someone and in the afternoon’s class I was all about live and let live.

(2) First swim in the sea. Those who know me well, you know that I love water as much as male fish love female fish (I guess I was a fish in a previous life cos I am always thirsty). So what a pleasure to have the beach in the hotel. Today’s swim was just a quickie after the afternoon class but I am looking forward to take some marathonian beach sessions.

Finally in Acapulco!! (my home for the next 9 weeks)

April 6, 2008

Sunday April 6th… 11:45am… My AVIACSA plane finally lands in sunny Acapulco coming from Mexico City. Outside temperature is 28 C (around 80F). After a short 10 minutes trip we finally get to the Hotel – The Fairmont Princess, an AWESOME 4-stat resort in the shoreline surrounded by 2 golf courses. The main building is designed as an Aztec pyramid. I haven’t taken pictures of the hotel from outside but I will soon.

However, I did take pictures of my bedroom, my home sweet home for the next few weeks. It is huge, cool and I have an extra bedroom so let me know if you are up for a weekend in Acapulco:-)

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Mexico City: Tacos much better than Croissants

April 5, 2008

I finally arrived to Mexico City on Friday afternoon after some delays in Newark.

I am going to stay here for a couple of days with Montse (a colleague I worked with back in Spain) and her boyfriend. I am always happy to be in Mexico as Mexican and Spanish (from Spain) cultures are very similar. I think that in Mexico, both virtues and vices from the Spanish culture are maximized. It looks like they took the spanish culture and brought it to the next level:

(1) On the virtue side, you will find tons of the joy of living, openness and laid-back-ness that I love from Spain multiplied by 50. Love it!

(2) On the vice side, don’t look for american punctuality here. Here spaniards look like anal punctuality-obsessed freaks in comparison.  If you have a 9pm dinner, get there at 10:30pm and you will be the first person to arrive. And if a Mexican tells you “ahorita” (now), it means sometime in the next few hours:-)

Mexican food is amazing!!! In this trip, Montse and Edgar took me to an AWESOME tacos place for breakfast on Saturday. My new discoveries are:

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