Posture Clinic is Over!!!!!

May 27, 2008

Hi all!!! Just a quick note that yesterday we finished Spine Twisting Pose and with it the posture clinic of the training. This has been long and painful but now I feel as relieved as after giving birth to a baby with a big head, sharp horns and that is coming perpendicular wise (and I am just a guy:-)

In the last 7 weeks, we have covered the 26 postures in the posture clinic and for 26 times, I had to tell the dialog of each of them in front of the teachers and the rest of the group. It has been an amazing practice for my public speaking skills, my english communication skills and my patience skills (in addition to teach each posture, I had to watch each posture taught 40 times).

Along the way, I received valuable feedback after each posture to improve my voice projection, connection with the students and presence and posture on stage. I have learned a lot but I couldn’t wait to see it over:-) Now that it is over, we are going to have more available time for Bikram’s lectures and also for visiting guests. In addition, I hope to have some mock class exercises to link several poses together and see how it feels to teach a real class.

Finally, I wanted to talk about my posture clinic group. This group of 15-20 people have always been with me in all posture clinic sessions. I have got to know and love each of them. It is a group of amazing people. So here it goes….

HAIL GROUP 1!!!!!!!!

Left to right and top to bottom, SuperG, Danielle, Simone, Laura, Edy, Manali, Melissa, Sean, Rea, Debbie, Nora, Alison, Oscar. Bottom, Danielle, Kylie and Allison.

Big ausence in the picture of great Henry Abuuuuuda!!!


Ex Poena Adveho Formositas

May 16, 2008

[Thanks to Kirk for letting me take a picture of his cool tatoo]

I am just at the end of week 6 of the training and this latin phrase really summarizes how I feel right now. For those, like me, whose latin is a bit forgotten and not in shape, the phrase means: “Beauty comes from within pain”.

Before you call 911 to tell them that I have gone crazy, let me explain myself:

Sometime this week, I felt at my really lowest both physically and mentally. On the mental side, I got really pissed off last Friday when they made us stay in the conference room until 4:30am watching some indian TV series from the 70s. I found it (and still find it) very stupid, especially while I was dying the following day in the yoga with only 2 hours of sleep. So mentally that was the straw that killed the camel (since the beginning, I have found that sometimes the way they treat us here is not the most appropriate for adult people). On the physical side, I got a bad sore throat early this week and for 2 days each yoga class felt really hell. So you can imagine that I was hating the rest of the world and wanted to kill someone.

However, in the last couple of days there has been a turning point and I now feel much better, optimistic, happy, ungrumpy and ready for the weekend. On the physical side, some of my friends here really took care of me and now I feel like a bull again (and I am touched by their tenderness). My last couple of yoga classes, I felt really good and I have noticed how much I have advanced in my practice lately. On the mental side, there are still a lot of things here that I don’t understand, don’t share and plainly find stupid. However, I have also realized that net-net, my experience here is so amazingly positive and life-changing that I shouldn’t get angry by those little stupid things. As I cannot forgive things I consider stupid, I have decide to forget about them (forgotten, non forgiven:-)

Anyway, so now I know that the pain I have had some times in the first 6 weeks of the training, explain a lot of the positive feelings and thoughts that I have right now. I have definitely passed the turning point and I hope to really enjoy the last 3 weeks to the maximum. I have made an incredible group of friends, my body feels great, my mind feels great and I have learned that bones are floating in a sea of fascia (we had a lecture on fascia and it was very interesting;-)

For those of you who find crazy that I complain and talk about suffering and pain while living in a resort in Acapulco, I would like to say that (1) everything is relative, (2) things are different from the inside than from the outside and (3) you will get crazier when you check out my AMAAAAZING skin tan and lovely figure 😛

Sore Throat comes, Sore Throat goes

May 15, 2008

The good thing of writing in the blog with some days of delay is that I can tell complete stories, start to finish, since they are over before I have written about them:-)

On Sunday evening, after coming back from scuba diving, I got a very bad sore throat. Monday and Tuesday were really bad for me. If just doing the yoga class is hard enough, imagine how it is like when you have a red, infected throat and fever (for those of you who are thinking why I went to yoga being sick, things work here like a military bootcamp. Unless you are dying, you are asked to get in the hot room with the rest – even if the only thing you are able to do is lay down and think bad things about the staff members:-)

I wanted to sincerely thank to all the angels that have taken care of me during the last couple of days. Especially Allison, Jeff, Jeanne and Tanya. It is good to fall sick when there are people who worry about you and take care of you don’t you think?;-). On Tuesday, Allison (mother Allison from now on) made a natural medicine cure for me based on hot water, lime juice, ginger and salt. She also brought me enough limes and ginger for me to prepare it for the rest of the week. It really worked!!!. I won’t definitely ask for it in a night club (it doesn’t taste that great) but it cured me very fast. Today (Wednesday) I have been much better and I am almost recovered.

In comparison with Monday and Tuesday, now the classes look really easy and pleasant!!!;-)

Only Take Memories… Only Leave Bubbles

May 15, 2008

Last Sunday, I was finally able to get out of the resort and do some scuba diving (yuju!). Last month, I bought a waterproof case for my camera (it was even more expensive than the camera itself) and I was looking forward to using it. It is up to you to decide, after looking at the pictures, wether it was worth it or not. I went to the trip with John (from North Carolina and my fellow tiger), Bonnie (from Australia) and Deedee (from sunny Idaho).

We left the Hotel at 8:15am and went to the other side of Acapulco where a boat was waiting to take us to La Roqueta Island. We did 2 dives of 50 minutes each, have lunch in the boat and were back at the Hotel by 4pm.

Overall, the dives were pretty nice. Acapulco is on the Pacific side so the visibility and amount of marine life is not comparable to the Caribbean’s or the Red Sea’s. Said that, I was impressed by the high level of life and activity in the reef that we visited. I definitely place La Roqueta at the same level than Key Largo (Florida) in terms of diving quality.

We spotted a lot of great animals. Apart from the infinity of small tropical fishes, I saw a moray eel, a sea snake, dozens of stingrays, a sleeping octopus (octopuses go out hunting at night so it is then when it is fun to see them. During the day, they rest inside holes so you can only see their ass), an inflated puffer fish, a bank of crazy butterfly fish, a big torpedo ray and an eagle ray (one of my favorite animals under the sea. Unfortunately, I spotted it just after jumping into the water so I could only see it from far away).

You can see all the pictures in Flickr, but let me brag a little of underwater camera and paste some of my favorite pics…

Here is a PufferFish (Pez Globo) inflated like a balloon (apparently this one didn’t have stings):

The same PufferFish but not inflated: Read the rest of this entry »

Mi first white hair (juventud divino tesoro!!!)

May 11, 2008

I am very happy on Saturdays after the morning class (no class or lecture until Monday morning). Today, I decided to celebrate this great moment of the week by having my hair cut.

I went to the hair stylists in the Hotel’s Spa. I have to admit that they are pretty good (head massage included;-) and not expensive at all ($20).

Here are pics I took just before and after the haircut. Can you notice the difference?

Anyway, little did I know what was going to happen after the haircut. Fernanda (a very sweet mexican girl from the travel agency that has organized the training) was the first person that saw my haircut. After complimenting it, she pointed out that I had white hair at the back of my headRead the rest of this entry »

The Start of A Legend: Day of the Tiger

May 10, 2008

I am honored to say that, after a few weeks of tigermania, we have been succesful in bringing our weekly “day of the tiger” class to the next level. Numerous new tigers and tigresses have joined the pride since the first Saturday we celebrated our feline instints. For those of you new to the blog, a group of colleagues started wearing our tiger outfits to the Saturday morning yoga class.

A picture is better than 1,000 words so please find below the evolution of the Pride picture during the first 3 weeks of tigermania.

Week 1: The seed of a legend

Week 2: The pride grows and flows Read the rest of this entry »

Mr. Pregnant is under 200 pounds (or 90 kilos)

May 9, 2008

I am proud to announce that yesterday morning I weigthed 199 pounds (or 89.5 kilos)!!!! This is 7 pounds less than 4 weeks ago. I think last time, I weighted less than 200 pounds that was last summer so good for me an my in-process six-pack.

If I continue with this weight-loss pace, I will be 85 kilos by the end of the training (or 190 pounds). Anything below 85 kilos implies a long line of girls outside my door willing to use my body as an object :-). Seriously, I was 84 kilos when I ran the NYC marathon so 85 kilos would be nice.

Unfortunately, my happiness about all this was crashed by Bikram in the morning yoga class when he called me 7-month pregnant guy because I was not sucking my stomach in. This was the first time I was the target of Bikram’s insults and shouts. I must confess that I found it funny and I will definitely remember to suck my stomach in going forward. Anyway, I am looking forward to impressing Bikram with my 6-pack at the end of the training.

Mr. Pregnant 😉